Our day(s) out • 15 April 2008 • The SnowBlog

Our day(s) out

Sorry we've been a bit quiet. It's surprisingly difficult to string a sentence together after a long day of meeting people, added to a hefty commute. As you may know, Em and I have a long-running argument where I claim that only about six people read this blog and she claims that people are always, ALWAYS, coming up to her and saying they're fans. Or at least regular visitors. I have to say, the evidence is mounting for Em's claims. I've had at least half a dozen people come up and say something along those lines. It's been excellent. And of course strangely unsettling at the same time, because when you meet someone for the first time you don't necessarily expect that they'll know your political views, domestic rodent problems, relationship status and TV viewing habits before you've even learned their name. Tomorrow Em is having slightly fewer meetings (only about a million, I believe) so we might spend more time looking around and seeing things and gossiping. And then, once we've caught our breaths, we can get back to our main job. Which is of course writing blog posts.


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