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Mousewatch: Hard Times


(continuing on from here) I've got an ultrasonic thing in my kitchen now to annoy any visiting mouse creatures. It also claims to do something to the electricity running in the wires all through the house that is either a) made up, because it sounds like no science I've ever heard of or b) true, in which case I don't see how they can possibly know it's safe. But I'll worry about that another day. I've also been keeping even sealed-up packets of things out of the way of potential rodent marauders. All they've got is empty cupboards smelling slightly of disinfectant if they follow their usual routes. Which I suppose is why they've ventured downstairs and into the bathroom.

Click on that thumbnail to see what they were up to last night. Surely that can't be good for them, can it? I mean at least it's that Simple soap without additives and stuff. But still. You're not supposed to eat it I think. Plus, if I spy a mouse and it's foaming at the mouth, how worried should I be? 
After I'd taken a photo of that soap, I left it on my desk. When I got up at about 3:20 this morning to investigate what sounded like mice banging wooden spoons on cupboard doors, I noticed that they'd been up on my desk peeling more of the wrapping off the soap and feasting on its sudsy goodness. As I mention in my comment below, they really are trying to provoke a response at the moment.


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