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On my plate

Just in case it's of passing interest, here are the big jobs on my plate at the moment. First up, it's royalty season. Next week I'll be calculating the royalty statements and sending them out - I hope before LBF. LBF is the following week. It is possible I won't finish them on time, in which case I'll let you know, but that's the plan. Royalty payments are then due within the following three months. Next big project: sales kits for the US. Since their email never got to me, I didn't know they were due (I was told I should have looked at their website but hello? Do I look like I have time to scour websites on the off chance there's something I need to do?) Anyway, now they're late, so I have to do them. It's not a quick process: I have to create and print 50 packs including covers, marketing highlights, AIs, first chapters, sample spreads - and then post them to 50 different locations. For a girl who likes automation and efficiency, you can imagine my feelings. Third big project: end of year reporting pack. You may think this can be deprioritised, but as The Lord My Godin says, you have to make the long term planning stuff as important as the daily emergencies. That is what I'm trying to do, not that it's easy. Finally, I have a huge typesetting job to do in Mike Burrow's Bicycle Design - at least 50 hours work, I've figured. It better bloody sell. It's already two weeks late for the printer. Gah. Add to all that the daily 60 emails (of worth), the two manuscripts I have to read, the two websites I want to do, and I'd better hope that my awesome time management capabilities are in peak condition! Seriously, it should be fine, but I wouldn't mind one jot if they decided to cancel LBF this year. What are the chances?


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