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New bits

I've spruced up the website this morning, so thought I'd share some of the highlights. There's a new, interactive* (ooooh) catalogue on the Catalogue page. On the same page you'll find our rights guide. All the new author pages have been updated, so now you can read about George Mann and The Affinity Bridge in glorious technicolor. We're always adding new stuff to author pages: don't forget about Thomas Emson's two free short stories on his page and Sarah Bower's handwitten manuscript, audio reading, photos and edits that were cut from Needle in the Blood. I also fixed some bugs, and smartened up the catalogue pages with some amazing new XSL that Rob wrote. It makes my brain itch to think about how clever he is. Do let me know if you find any bugs on your travels! Oh yes, and sorry to keep going on about this, but all the updates, including manually fixing bugs, took me 20 minutes because it's all automated using XSL. Do get in touch to ask how you can make the most of your ONIX data. * meaning that if you click on the images, you go straight to the title's page. It was funny - there was an IT man at the IPG conference this year making out that his catalogue solution - which cost 1000 on special offer - was cutting edge, because it had links (and a fancy page-turny bit of javascript which is hardly worth a grand). We've done it using a hyperlinked PDF which is, er, free.


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