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Movie Night Mouse Release


Skip over this if you're a) bored of mouse talk or b) afraid of mice. But read on, dear blog-friend, if you want to see what kind of fierce mammal Em and I let loose on the county yesterday. The mouseless thumbnail to the left is the hastily constructed mouse nest that Em fashioned so that Calgon, the Murine Marauder, would have something to scamper under. He/She had spent the day in a big plastic box with water, nuts, raisins and his Calgon container for shelter. He kicked most of the Calgon sachets out of the box and quickly gnawed two holes in the back of the box. From what we could tell later, he used the chewed-up card to make a bed in there and dragged a couple of almonds in to nibble on between naps.

When Em came over for Movie Night (tonight's screening was I Am Legend) and we were ready to go for our walk, I taped up the Calgon box and carried it up and over the hill. Then Em put a little clump of straw on the ground, which she stole from some nearby ponies, and took up the camera, while I took care of the mouse wrangling (because Em didn't want to get any mouse germs on her, being in a delicate condition).

I've had to boost the gamma (as we say in the biz) inside the box so's you can see its occupant. The second shot is just a close-up of that. 



And that was that. He scampered off under cover of the straw and, so far as we could tell, didn't trot behind us all the way home.

I'm quite sure, though, from looking at the picture of the two fridge mice I posted originally, that this is a different mouse (in fact it looks like a completely different make of mouse). So I still have at least two more to catch and relocate. (Note to self: must find time to get some work done in between mousecapades.) 


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