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My secret shame

Aside from the Wicker Basket of Shame which you were introduced to a few weeks back re: domestic filing, I have a further, deeper affliction. I have a relatively addictive personality and whilst I work hard to make sure that doesn't manifest itself in really bad ways (step away from the online gambling and G&Ts, Barnes), I do have weak spots which I indulge. One of those is collecting domain names. I know, sounds innocuous. But it's got to the stage where I own more domain names - eighty - than I can ever build websites for. Most, in fairness, are to do with Snowbooks, but that's because it's hard to see where I end and Snowbooks begins, oftentimes. (Indeed, Rob's first cry when I update him on our cash position if it's bad is 'Embezzeller! Embezzeller!' (deliberate phonetic spelling). I don't - it's not true and he can't prove it anyway because I do the accounts. Hahaahaha.) Anyway, those domain names. As I say, many are Snowbooks related, like,,, (remember that?) and of course every variation on that I can think of, you know, for when we are big in Malawi and need a suitable domain suffix. Others are me buying domains which should really have been bought already by other people, like,,,,, and I don't need them, but I like to have them. Others are becase I think they're pretty. I know, sad. But,,,, and are nice to look at! Yet others I bought intending honestly to do something with. would be cool if I ever did it.,, and would all be good ideas if I hadn't realised that no one wants a business trying to create a community. If a community exists, give 'em what they find useful - but don't try to get down with the kids, it's just embarrassing. was a good one, though - it was intended to be a free tool for publishers to enter bibliographic data on a webform and get an ONIX file back in return. Should have done something with that, and would have done but we didn't get the 3000 Arts Council grant we applied for to make it happen! Some I did actually do something with. has a description of our idea for a new way of publishing from earlier this year. got built and still runs., (woefully out of date, must see to that), and (built and run by James Bridle, author of the book, with awesome videos illustrating the recipes which are well worth a look) all came to something. And there are plenty more. Erg. At least I use an ultra cheap US domain vendor. Still, if I can't use domain names nicely I shouldn't be allowed to have them at all. They are just so moreish...


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