#LBF2010 #ashtag • 19 April 2010 • The SnowBlog

#LBF2010 #ashtag

Day one of the London Book Fair: and you know what, I loved it! Not least because it was the first time in more than 20 months that I have worn heels. *And* I drank coffee on a train. Get me. This is because Ro stayed with his daddy all day long. Heavens, I missed him. But I did get to wear a skirt. The Fair was a bit odd because, hmm, where was everyone? Stuck in Dubai / Dublin / insert city of choice accessible only by plane. Rather handily, though, the clearing out of 30%* of the expected population meant that a lot of people were just wandering round looking for something to do. A nice lady showed me photos of her baby. An important CEO stopped by to relieve the boredom. People who tried to avoid eye contact with me failed because there was no one else to hide behind, and so got pounced on by the catalogue-waving weirdo I was. Top moment: uber-important buyer from the Last High Street Retail Chain Standing declared Spring Heeled Jack to be his book to read on the train on the way home. Sweeeet. And masses of interest in Onix Central - of course, it being the most sensible thing you can do with 315 if you're a publisher. It was fun! And I have a packed schedule tomorrow - meetings every half an hour, and that's after a raft of cancellations. Ironically, it's the busiest diary I've ever had. And finally, here's a lovely picture of some horses and an ash cloud. *completely made up estimate by me.


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