Laying it out • 11 May 2010 • The SnowBlog

Laying it out

The thing I love most about good design is that it usually doesn't cost any more than bad design (particularly true when it comes to printed layouts). That's to say you can often have something that works well for the same price as something which works badly. And of course things that work well are more likely to become commercial successes - so there's even an incentive to aim for perfection. But we're all busy people, so we invented the concept of 'good enough' so as not to spend all day tinkering with the design of our till receipts. Or, in the design case I was just reading about, our boarding passes. Top left is the real boarding pass; bottom right is one suggested redesign produced by an unimpressed traveller. Click on either of them to see the full-sized version. There's a rather sweary, but amusing page about the whole thing here. And in the comments, loads of other people have taken a crack at a redesign. (Now, despite having more pressing things to think about, my brain keeps trying to come up with new layouts. I'm not going to let it, though. )


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