Asymmetric responses • 11 May 2010 • The SnowBlog

Asymmetric responses

And while I'm on the subject of design, I was just reading about the new version of Ubunti Linux. It doesn't really matter if 'Ubuntu Linux' is just a bunch of syllables which convey no meaning to you, because you don't need to know about software to appreciate the point. Which is, as part of a move to convince more people to use Ubuntu instead of Windows or Mac OSX, there's been an ongoing design project called 'Papercuts'. And when I explain that 'Papercuts' is about fixing tiny design niggles in the user interface which otherwise might not be considered a priority, you can see how well-named it is. Something I noticed a while back about the way people interact with shops - and it's also true about the way they relate to computers - is that the negatives count for more than the positives. Ten good experiences can be more than wiped out by one bad experience. Which is why a project like 'Papercuts' is so sensible. Before trying to come up with the next big thing, first make sure you're not screwing up all the good stuff you've done so far with silly, avoidable, niggly mistakes which become all your users notice or talk about. Death by a hundred papercuts.


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