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So I'm having a lovely time at the independent publishers guild conference. Although I am sitting on the floor, because it's jam packed. And jabbing on my JabPhone which results in this rather staccato writing style I have suddenly adopted. I've not seen so many people at the conference before - it's a heartening sign that the independent publishing sector is actually thriving. The sessions are good, naturally (Google doodads, social wassnames, retailer Q&A, and a particularly fine show from the CEO of Quercus, Mark Smith). I say naturally, because the IPG have got rather good at organising this sort of thing and rarely fail to put on a good show. But for me the best bit is the mingling. It's so interesting to talk to fellow publishers - not least because it makes me realize that publishing is about far more than trade fiction. Hearing how theologians use the feedback of twitter followers to improve the layout of their footnotes and reference is brilliant. And how a history publisher decided to launch a sci fi and fantasy imprint because they surveyed their customers via their website, 60% of whom read both history and SFF books. Erm, do any of you lot like, I don't know, theology or chicken-rearing? Should we go into bibles or small animal husbandry pamphlets?) I have made some new friends, and I've met up with lots of old ones. And because I've been head down of late, working hard and not really getting out much, I realised I've really missed them. I feel quite overwhelmed with how lovely people are and I hereby resolve, the internet, to do more of it. And now, back to listening to this speech about Google eBooks. And as a bonus, to entertain the publishing geeks amongst you, here's a delicious forum answer I came across when researching how to use GREP styles to style html tags in InDesign, like you do. ((?s)(?<=).+?(?=), since you ask.) Sent from my iPhone


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