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Out and about

This not having a working computer lark is interesting. On the downside: NO COMPUTER. On the plus side, I have talked (rather than emailed) to more people than I usually do, and I've gone in more shops. It was rather nice to go into the Waterstone's in Milton Keynes and see that Thomas Emson's Maneater took pride of place on the Waterstone's Recommends gondola end in the SFF section. It was also nice to talk to people in store and check that all was well with ordering and systems. The Waterstone's in Oxford was also looking rather chipper, and I saw a good stocking of our titles both in section and a couple on the tables: Pandemonium Road by Thomas Emson and Write to be Published by Nicola Morgan both looked dazzling. As I type (on an old Mac Book that Rob has kindly lent me), my new Mac Mini purchased this morning is restoring from backup, and my macbook pro is being couriered to the fixers to have a new logic board (I'm told). The restore from backup has been a bit hairy: I had to reformat* the time machine external disk, and so have gained a few grey hairs today. All seems ok now. Hopefully I'll be back on my proper system this evening, with email and all. Thanks for your patience on email whilst I get sorted out. *Rob note: I'd say verified and remounted, but maybe that's just me


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