If you can't think of anything nice to say... • 13 December 2011 • The SnowBlog

If you can't think of anything nice to say...

Sigh. Am I going to have to give up criticising things? I slated Amazon's InDesign plugin and they got in touch to ask how they could improve it. And I poured scorn (or is it heaped scorn? I honestly can't remember whether I was using liquid or powdered scorn on that occasion) upon Penguin's website and someone very nice from Penguin tracked me down to apologise and to promise better in the future. I'm just not very good at being cutting and critical if I think there's any danger the culprits themselves might be personally singed by my vituperations. If this doesn't stop I'm going to have to get mealymouthed before anyone else writes in to apologise. And really, what's going on with all this high-quality customer service? This is not America, people. Seriously, though, I'm now half-expecting the Torchwood team to get in touch to apologise for any bugs I might have experienced in their entertainment delivery system and asking whether I have any constructive feedback. (Which of course I do.)


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