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Greetings from America


It's Anna here, writing from America. As Em's mentioned before, I've ventured back to the country of my birth, the snowy tundra that is Minnesota (never mind that it's neither snowy nor particularly cold at the moment). In case you've been wondering how a small business like Snowbooks can function when one of its employees is 4000 miles and six hours away, I've taken a photo of my desk. It's not so different, really. Slightly darker, on account of those six hours, but I've still got PG Tips to see me through the day (brought over in my suitcase, because what if the stuff in the US shops isn't genuine?). Mind you, the accompanying biscuit is really more of a 'cookie,' and I don't think the frosting's particular shade of orange exists outside the States (in food products, anyway). But these are the things one must get used to. Work continues on as before, though. I've sent one book to print since being here and made corrections to another and have been reading manuscripts and tweaking covers, etc, etc. Behold, the power of the internets!


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