From the Not To Be Outdone Dept. • 6 November 2006 • The SnowBlog

From the Not To Be Outdone Dept.

          In case you've been wondering how a small business like Snowbooks can function when one of its employees is constitutionally incapable of tidying up, I've taken a photo of my desk: 

James Desk.jpg
Notice the distinct lack of cookies. In the spirit of Emma's Adept line-up:
1) Personalised crockery with attached audio input. 2) Very Important Documents. 3) Jetpack. 4) Secondary monitor for obsessively checking Amazon, reviewing purchase orders, putting a quick one on the 3.15 at Aintree &c. 5) Note to self: Buy tea. 6) Unwanted gift from occasional visitor to office. 7) Not Quite As But Still Pretty Important Documents. 8) Bar guide to Frankfurt. 9) Ergonomic monitor support. 10 & 11) Executive Buisness Card Storage Solutions. 12) Plan to take over world aka To Do List. 13) Documents I Don't Really Care About. 14 & 15) Badges. 16) Best Christmas Gift EVER. [That's enough now - Ed.]

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