God and Amazon • 25 April 2007 • The SnowBlog

God and Amazon

Maybe you'll recall me grumbling about Amazon's sloppy attempts to categorise my reading tastes. Read Prof. Dawkins' tirade against religion and you'll find 'other Christian Living' titles recommended to you. Inhale air - while studiously avoiding sporting or celebrity titles - and you'll still find yourself being offered something 'written' by one of the Beckhams. Well, the latest recommendation should win some sort of award. "As someone who has expressed interest in books by Rob Jones, you might like to know that The Power of Godly Wisdom will be released on 30 April 2007." Ah yes, Amazon, I have been somewhat interested in books by Rob Jones, but only the Rob Jones who's me. Certainly not some other Rob Jones who really is keen on Christian Living. Does this mean we need a literary version of equity to make sure there are no duplicate author names? Or will we simply have to barcode the foreheads of anyone who writes a book? ISANs anyone?


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