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Bath Vote

Hey hey, it's bookkeeping day, which means that my desk is clear and dusted, my pens are lined up neatly, and my folders are organised into alphabetical order. Nowt like displacement activities for getting a job done. One of the finest things about having a blog is that you can procrastinate beyond your wildest dreams by blogging away - it feels like you're working but actually you're just blathering away to cyberspace. So in a post rather tenuously linked to my working day, I wondered if we could have a quick vote? A lot of the naysayers about ebooks claim that 'you can't read an e-reader in the bath'. I'm interested in knowing how many people do most of their reading in the bath. Me, I prefer the sofa. Less damp, for a start. So comments please: do you spend most of your reading hours in the dry, or in the wet? (ps: Mum, don't read the blog post below: it has a rude word in it.)


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