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Friday brought to you in pictures


Snowbooks makes history! First book deal done in Second Life. We are delighted to welcome Sarah Stovell to the Snowbooks clan whose first novel Mothernight we'll publish in March 2008. It's a corker. I thought I'd share with you what the office looks like nowadays. 


My techno-bank of computrons.


My executive desk plus screensaver of Mimey the cat. 


My executive desk: angle 2. 


Me on my new sofa, staring at poster. Stare at it! 


My exam mark arrived today. It somewhat cheapens the whole thing as I can think of many more than 8%'s worth of errors and omissions. Hey ho. 


Zombies invade the office. 


Bonus picture: Amber's nose (library picture: not in the office. You think I do no work all day and just mess around with cats?) 


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