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E4Books presentation


So I have just done a turn at the London E4Books seminar doodad and have told everyone there to look at this blog for extras, goodies and whatnot. Read on for lots of links! 

//update// you might have to download the latest Adobe reader to read the pdf linked to in this post. It's worth it!// So first up, here's a copy of the presentation (512kb). You can download the free XML editor Cooktop, and the free ConText general programming editor tool. You can download a free trial of Anko's ATM from here. Here is the XSLT I took you through. 

Here, too, is a simple guide to XML for publishers that Snowbooks' chairman Rob wrote. And here is the link to the barcoder software site I mentioned.  

Finally, if you find my presentation, the XML guide or my XSLT useful, please consider chucking us a bob or two by going to paypal and clicking on 'send money' to emma@snowbooks.com. I didn't get paid to do the presentation and whilst it is all free for you to download and use to your hearts' content, donations are gratefully received! If you want advice, or me to set all this up for you in house, you can email to ask if I would, but I'll charge! A much better bet is to buy a few books on XSL or google it and get yourself up to speed - it will only take an afternoon but you'll save months, not to mention the agro of getting data wrong. 

Hope it was helpful. Now buy some books whilst you're here. 


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