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First innovation of the year

Wanting to start the year on an innovative foot, here's a new thing. I have created a new blog,, which contains password-protected Snowbooks sales data. As I mention in its first post: Were providing data on this blog because its a cheap, easy to maintain and quick way to improve our authors experience with Snowbooks. We also would like to make our data available to others for benchmarking or study purposes. Whilst some company data is indeed commercially sensitive, we dont think that you can do much harm to our company by knowing our sales data. Indeed, we think that by being open and sharing data we can all benefit: Authors - you can keep an eye on whether your local stores are ordering, or let us know if you think there are additional opportunities were not getting. Plus you can get a feel for how your book is selling rather than waiting for the 6 monthly royalty statements, or trying to figure out the Amazon rankings algorithm. You can also benchmark your books performance against other Snowbooks titles. Fellow publishers - you can benchmark your sales against ours, to see if there are any stores we sell to who might like your books, and vice versa. If you see any gaps in our customer base, reciprocate and let us know! Students - weve been asked a number of times for actual data to help students understand the realities of publishing, so we hope this helps you to become better publishers when you graduate. Do acknowledge us in your essays and projects if you find these data useful. Email me now to request your password.


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