Feed your head • 17 October 2006 • The SnowBlog

Feed your head

          Don't say we never listen to you. Following a request from one of our readers, we've beefed up our feeds and stuck a gorblimey actual link in the sidebar ( ← thataway) to make keeping up with the Snows that little bit easier. Ms Row, this one's for you.

If you don't know about RSS, Atom and the like, there's an excellent guide here. The BBC has a good one too. Oh, and if you'd been using Firefox the feed would have been there all along mumble grumble (sound of publisher dragging feet down long stone-flagged corridor, shaking head at world, consoled by pipe).  

The SnowBlog is one of the oldest publishing blogs, started in 2003, and it's been through various content management systems over the years. A 2005 techno-blunder meant we lost the early years, but the archives you're reading now go all the way back to 2005.

Many of the older posts in our blog archive suffer from link rot. Apologies if you see missing links and images: let us know if you'd like us to find any in particular.

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