Advertising sux • 13 October 2006 • The SnowBlog

Advertising sux

          I'm a bit cross. I have to pay a bill for some advertising. Fair dos: I agreed to it (read: fell for it) when the salesperson called, and even went through with it after sleeping on it. We designed a nice advert. The piece of advertising appeared. Nothing happened: no one called, no one noticed, no one cared. Then the (eyewateringly large) bill arrived. That is the natural order of things in the world of advertising - unless you spend above a certain amount. 

There are those who would tell you that advertising is about building brand presence; that it's very difficult to measure the success of an individual piece and that 50% of advertising works, you just don't know which half. Me, I say it's a load of cobblers. Advertising is a waste of money and I'm kicking myself for falling for it. 

However, I'm off to Wales for the weekend to see my lovely mum and dad (hello!) where everything gets put into perspective and the air clears all the cobwebs away. Plus I get extra big hair from the soft water, which is good for comedy purposes. Happy weekend, one and all.  


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