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Hmm. The world had better start to prove to me that it isn't full of baddies soon, or I am going to have to accept that it is - and that's not healthy. I have been diddled, and have yet more evidence to suggest that if you want a job doing properly, do it yourself. I have been checking the Barclaycard bank rec this afternoon, for one reason and another. I have done a manual rec, but I wanted to do one with a proper trial balance as part of my Get The Company Ready For When I Inevitably Am Hospitalised In A Coma For Three Months After Childbirth preparations (let's hope it won't happen - but I'm making sure that absolutely all paperwork, filing and accounts are easy to understand and filed properly in case Rob has to take over in an emergency). And I was puzzled to see that August 2006 was looking a bit odd. Did I really spend 753.68 on Computer Software? I was struggling to remember what it could have been. So I dug around some more - and it turns out that my then bookkeeper (a bookkeeper who I lost because she had a mental breakdown - not a good sign) has entered *one* transaction of 753.68 into Sage for *all* the Barclaycard transactions in that month. And rather than being open about her laziness (fraud? since she charged me several hundred pounds for this piece of work) and putting in under Adjustments, she's put it under Computer Software. So that's bloody marvellous. I only asked her to do a bank rec for a couple of months when I was really busy - and look where it's got me. Inaccurate - annoyingly inaccurate - accounts with incorrect cost coding. So I say again - if you want a job doing properly, do it yourself. How am I ever going to learn to delegate if people keep acting like this?


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