Bulls*** Fail • 26 August 2008 • The SnowBlog

Bulls*** Fail

Oh dear. It was a mistake to try to pull the wool over my eyes by bluffing about the capabilities of InDesign, as one hapless service provider has just tried to do. They wrote to say: "The only templates that we hold are quark or pdf's. As we only accept high res pdf's we don't support indesign" If you are au fait with typesetting software, you can imagine the email I wrote back. It was quite long. I haven't heard back yet... (Apologies for the radio silence, by the way. I fancied knitting and pottering and tinkering with XSL over the weekend, rather than blogging. Still, back now, and at week 35 more well-rounded, in the physical sense, than ever. Hope you had a nice long weekend.)


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