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The balm of sleep

Amazing what a good night's sleep can do. I have felt wretched - sick, shaky, emotional, fuzzy - all week because last weekend we were still in Frankfurt, and it's been one long unending week since then. And then there was a week's worth of emails to deal with, plus the follow up from Frankfurt, plus a few deadlines for prizes and so forth that needed doing urgently, plus a few meetings that overran massively... it all added up to a bit of an ordeal. But falling asleep at 8pm and waking up at 9.30am seems to have put it all into perspective. And so, to the dramatic declaration: I am going to have the weekend off. I figure I need a bit of a break. So forgive me if I haven't replied to your email yet; forgive me if there were things I've promised to do by Monday; forgive me if I don't reply to future emails promptly. I'm going to go for a walk to Rousham now, and then Andy and I are going to make soup. I'm going to play with the cats, and see if I can build a shelter for the hedgehogs I saw last week. I may scuff some leaves. I am not going to check emails; I'm not going to check sales figures; I'm not going to blog; I'm Officially Having A Break. See you on Monday!


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