Bashing Amazon • 2 January 2008 • The SnowBlog

Bashing Amazon

As far as I'm concerned, several times a week Amazon do something foolish or disappointing. For instance when I'm browsing for DVDs they helpfully classify them into categories like Action & Adventure / Sci Fi / TV and so on - and then they put pretty much every DVD in every category making the classifications annoyingly useless. Life on Mars, the time-travel detective show appears in Documentaries. The World at War (WWII history series) is in Action & Adventure. And everything in Sci Fi is automatically considered Action & Adventure too - so why have two categories? (And heaven forbid any of it should ever have been shown on TV as well.) They're also great at recommending things I'll love - like football autobiographies (yuck) - or really need, like parenting manuals. Here's today's recommendation (see pic). OK, I'm not entirely averse to the idea of a textbook on protein structure. But it's in German. And probably not the easy kind. Which I don't speak either.


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