Anyone remember what I said six months ago? • 2 January 2008 • The SnowBlog

Anyone remember what I said six months ago?

Remember this post of mine? Probably not. But it's looking better than 50% accurate. I only mention it for when you're reading stories about the big credit crunch and you see quotes about this current situation being something no one expected. I couldn't get a pass in A-level Economics, but it seemed pretty inevitable to me. The next question I'm asking myself is whether the second part of my prediction - the part about cheap money shifting away from America and towards the Eurozone and elsewhere - will come true. If it does, I think a full-blown U.S. depression will happen. Wow, let's hope all the flaws in my analysis show themselves soon, right? (Although, on the other hand, it would force America to stop spending 50% of its GDP on weapons.)


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