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Zen Internet, and why I love them

So, I'm moving house. I'm very excited: our new house is huge and rambling and has views of the neighbour's horse, a wood, a stream and some fields. Anyway, the reason for mentioning it is that I've got very organised (I am, in fact, 95% packed already) and have arranged for my ADSL line to be moved. Reader, it took two phone calls, and it was done. And it cost 11.99. How? you enquire. How can that be, when moving house with BT is like biting off your own arm? Aha, well, see, I would reply, I am with Zen Internet. They provide me with both my phone line and broadband service. They flicked a switch and it's all planned in for the morning of the move. I would say that I don't trust them, and it can't possibly all work out, and I bet they mess it up, etc. But I know they won't. I've been with them for years and they have always been a proper joy to talk to. I think you have to have been with BT previously, and ideally have undergone a house move with them, to really enjoy the sense of relief and delight at talking to a normal human in a normal way who is keen to help, quite perky and efficient and makes a job that should be quite simple and straightforward quite simple and straightforward. I would heartily recommend them as a service provider. And here's the really good bit. My new house has 7mbps up and down. And the previous tenants say that they did, indeed, get that speed. For the non-technical, that is a nice, jolly fast connection. Wheee!


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