You know, we could actually buy it. • 16 July 2008 • The SnowBlog

You know, we could actually buy it.

The only thing worth buying in the whole world, that is. The Typewriter. *The* Typewriter. Douglas Adams' typewriter is up for sale - astonishingly enough, from a vendor called NV Books who apparantly are based in Great Wolford, Warwickshire. Rob lives about 3/4 mile from there in the next village along, called Little Wolford. He could walk to pick it up - save all that costly shipping. It's on sale for $25,257.94. And I have that much money in our bank account. Sure, it *should* be spent on printer bills and retailer promotional invoices and, oh, whatever other fripperies a publisher spends money on. But we could ignore those bills and buy this instead. I think we should do it. The printers are decent chaps - they won't mind.


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