"Why e-books will be much bigger than you can imagine" • 17 January 2012 • The SnowBlog

"Why e-books will be much bigger than you can imagine"

Well, that's a chirpy title for an article, isn't it? It's written by Trey Ratcliff of the travel photography blog StuckInCustoms. He's also the founder of Flat Books. The article contrasts how you sell a pbook* and the kind of money you make, set against the evolving practice and profitability of selling ebooks, and it's based on his recent first-hand experiences. My summary: e-books can be fat moneyspinners and they're only going to get better. So head over and have a read if you want to be buoyed up about your e-book prospects. (He also bandies around terms like 'doomed' and 'dying' when referring to pbooks so depending on what you do for a living the net effect of the article on your mood might be down instead of up.) *It's probably annoyingly faddy and jargonistic of me to refer to paper books as pbooks. On the other hand, 'paper books' sounds stilted and I'm tired of calling them 'traditional books'. But when I'm talking about e-books I need a way to convey the idea of non-e-books that's not too clunky. Any better suggestions?


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