Why be famous? • 16 September 2007 • The SnowBlog

Why be famous?

So I have this thing about wanting to be famous. Or rather wanting not to be, except for one thing. I reckon if you're famous you could be friends with people who are also famous without it being weird or, you know, stalking. So I'd like to be just famous enough to be able to swap e-mails with William Gibson. Oh and I think I should add Bruce Sterling to the list too. I mean I do really like his novels and articles. But I should add him anyway out of politeness because of a theory I have. You see I posted a bunch of links to BLDGBLOG and then a few days later, William Gibson posted a link there on his blog - and thanked his pal Bruce Sterling for the tip. Neither of them mentioned the Snowblog specifically but it seems clear to me that Bruce reads it and passes on the good stuff to Bill. I called it a theory; I suppose if we're honest 'fantasy' might be a slightly more accurate term. But anyway, gentlemen, if you're reading this: Welcome. I'll write a couple more novels - good ones that sell a lot - and then maybe drop you both a line. (Damn, now I wish I'd written this with all fancy words and really skilful wossname. Prose.).


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