What a difference • 30 May 2008 • The SnowBlog

What a difference

I have just finished typesetting a particular four colour fully illustrated book that has taken a full month of working time, spread over 6 months. The author doesn't have a computer and - and I honestly thought this breed had died out - is proud of the fact. I think that explains in large part why it's been such an eye-wateringly difficult project. In truth, I'm glad to see the back of it. I've moved on immediately to the next project - another four colour book. The author has delivered the manuscript in a Word document, and has used paragraph and character styles. He's used consistent notation to mark where images should go. I reckon I'll have the basic layout done by this afternoon, ready for the (clearly labelled and catalogued) images to drop in. Guess which book I'm going to do a better job of marketing? The one I can't bear to look at any more or the one whose author has made it a joy to work on? Prospective authors: making other people's lives easier matters.


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