Weekend Off • 28 April 2008 • The SnowBlog

Weekend Off


for chasing off big foxes

I hardly did any work this weekend. It was nice. I valeted the car (ok, hoovered and jetwashed it); we went to a garden centre; I folded all the clothes nicely; I sorted out the sock drawer; I did lots of internet research on babies (who knew there was so much to learn?); I gazed at the sunset; we went for a walk; I read two books; I bravely stopped a fox from chasing our rabbits. And today it's practically like a holiday because the weather's so utterly gorgeous. I drive And to the station in the mornings, early, and with the mists rolling in off the fields, the early birdsong and the long morning shadows it was a real treat. All in all, a very pleasant weekend and a very pleasant start to the week. Hope you had the same.


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