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Voucher Mania!

          The Guardian this morning said that retailers are facing the worst Christmas for a quarter of a century, which goes some way towards explaining the torrent of money-off vouchers that have dropped into our email boxes today: 


So not wanting to fall behind on this latest trend, here, for your delectation, is an All New Christmas Extravaganza Voucher Fest Snowbooks Spectacular! Roll up, roll up. 


Snowbooks: telling it like it is since 2003. Read on for a full list of barrrrgains! www.dorothyperkins.co.uk - use code DPMN29 for free delivery and 15% off anything

http://www.oasis-stores.com - use code GLAMOUR06 for 20% off anything

http://www.usc.co.uk - use code SDM20 for 20% off anything till Sunday

www.missselfridge.co.uk - use code MSGL15 for 15% off anything

www.faith.co.uk - use code 150906 for 15% off till 2nd December

www.urbanoutfitters.co.uk   - use code URBAN1 to get 10 off if you spend 50

www.asos.co.uk - use code HSBC182116 to get 15% off

www.warehouse.co.uk - use code MCY291006 to get 20% off till 30th December

www.next.co.uk - free p&p if you use code K8004

www.powderrooms.com - use code 4E5KT for 20% off

www.hannahzakari.com - use code hzhb10 for 10% off

www.hqhair.com - use code BEAUTYBIBLE for 10% off

www.lasenza.co.uk - use code AUTUMN06 for 15% off till 30th November

www.ravel.co.uk - use code NEWW20 for 20% off till 30th November

www.cathkidson.co.uk - use code CKLR06 for 10% off and free p&p till 30th November 


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