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Many of you reading this are probably British. That might mean you don't know about the US show the Colbert Report (though it is available to us tucked away on some Sky channel somewhere). I mention this because Naomi Klein was just on that particular show saying a few words about her book, The Shock Doctrine. As you know, I regularly plug the book because I'm a little bit desperate for everyone to read it. But rather than jump straight in with the written word, you could test the waters by watching Naomi talk about her ideas in some TV interviews, and the Colbert Report is probably the funniest place to start. (If you've really never seen the show, you need to be aware that the host is actually only pretending to an extreme conservative. It makes for mighty fine satire.) [And maybe it's worth reiterating that the book is about unpopular, pro-corporate legislation that can only be pushed through in times of crisis - and we're in one of those now. So if you fancy being forearmed, you know where to find out more.]


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