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Various and sundry

First, a complaint. I upgraded to Adobe CS3 software in May 2007. Well, I say upgraded - I was recommended by the supplier to buy CS2 and use adobe's free upgrade to CS3. "It'll be cheaper and simple," they said. So, here we are in August. I'm still waiting. I've downloaded the trial versions but it's now been so long, they've expired. All I need is a serial number, as I've got the software from their trial download. I just need the serial number. I JUST NEED THE SERIAL NUMBER. I shouted this a number of times at them over email and down the phone to Belgium, or wherever their customer services is - it appears they can't hear me. Don't make me pirate software, Adobe. Don't make me... In other news, here's an interesting article related to Going Postal. Next up: Sue, co-author of Plotting for Beginners, has won a blogging award! Ed at Myrmidon - who, in their second year of trading have got onto the Booker list - very sweetly said in PN that Snowbooks is a role model to them. Cool! Finally, if there are any keen cyclists reading, I'm thinking of doing a sort of Avon club for City Cycling. If you recommend the book to your cycling friends, and get them to email their order to me, I will give you some sort of treat, or commission, or something. Email me if you're interested in setting something up. Fin.


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