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Update on submissions

          This post is for all those people who so kindly think of Snowbooks when embarking on the road to publication. Er, we are in a bit of a spin, submissions-wise. We have hundreds of manuscripts to read, dating back to 9th May, and are already at maximum work capacity. We really don't want to close the door on submissions, even temporarily, but this is an apology to those who've already submitted, and those who are about to, because it's going to take us a while to read through all the scripts. It's heartbreaking because we're pretty sure that, nestled in the hundreds of emails, are one or two gems, twinkling away. I just hope we get to them before their owners give up on us... so again, a plea to bear with us and an apology for it taking so long. You wouldn't believe how much work a publisher has to do... given that we don't write the books, physically distribute them (thanks to our distributor LBS) or run the shops that sell them, you'd think it would be pretty straightforward. If you're interested, the greatest drains on our time are cover design, editing, rights and permissions, proofreading, typesetting, marketing, sales (so much activity can be condensed into these two words!), data maintenance, image manipulation (that sounds bad, doesn't it), printer management and all the dancing that needs doing when a book comes back from the printer/sells well/gets a good review.  


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