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Update from Ops



How does it happen? Last Monday I was not doing too badly at all on the tasks front. Now I am SWAMPED. My list, for those who care: - Answer 75 emails (proper, needing a bit of work emails), another 25 of which I've just discovered in my junkmail. Sorry if yours is among them. - Bookkeeping (it never goes away) - ONIX update - Blog post (tick) - Stock check - 10 cover designs (not as bad as it sounds, they are part of a series) - typeset 10 books - five other cover designs - typeset one text book - check two contracts - send bunch of How to Worrys and Cooking with Boozes to Christmas journos (they love them) - royalties - grant paperwork - 3 websites (one for free. I'm an idiot for offering) - fix car bumper (not strictly speaking publishing related, true) - calculate sales rep commission - printing, reprints, other printer related things - follow ups to five meetings - ALL THE POXY FRANKFURT FOLLOW UP that I still haven't done - filing (ha! like I'm going to do that any time soon) - prize entries - sales targets and budgetting - sales reporting - chase some ad salesmen (weird, I know) - phone the bank (hello, the bank!) - complain to everyone I meet about returns - cash flow planning - read five books - hoover (again, less with the publishing but still needs doing, you know) Better blinking well get on with it all, then, bettent I?


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