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Tomorrow's my first ultrasound appointment, so Andy and I are Having the Day Off (yes, you heard me) and getting the train up to Big London first thing. I am, naturally, nervous, about finding out whether it has the requisite number of limbs, heads etc. I was talking to my mum about it today, who said that in her day (she didn't use that phrase) they used a brass trumpet. Hmm. I wonder what they'll use in another 34 years time? What's the obstetric equivalent of a jet pack? I wonder if I'll have the presence of mind to ask the suite of questions that Rob's been badgering me about all week. They are all variations on: "before ultrasound was invented, did they use bats?' Also today, for the first time, I experienced my first bolt of panic. There is a thing the size of a fig* in my belly, and it is sending out tendrils into my flesh and stealing my nutrients and GROWING. And somehow, it will have to get out of there. There's not much, in my mind, between the exit route preferred by Aliens in Alien, and the more usual method. Both seem ridiculous. Oh well. I promised myself I'll keep this blog clean of baby stuff - but THERE'S A THING IN MY BELLY. *The books do love to compare the size of fetuses to fruit and veg. FIrst a bean, then a grape, even a kumquat. Can't wait till it's Entire Head of Bananas Fresh From The Tree size.


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