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I've made a few tweaks to the website content today. I haven't touched it for ages, but now that James has gone to the bother of giving it a lick of paint I thought I'd have a spring clean. So there are a couple more FAQs added and a bunch of downloads and a timeline on the Press page. (I may have got all the dates wrong on the timeline - I'll have to check with everyone on Tuesday.) I am also going to improve the Bookseller page for our international customers, but that will be later in the week when I have the right info to hand. 

I'm also slightly grumpy this morning, despite the lovely sun, because I get sales data on a Saturday and this week our sales were minus £2000. That is because of returns from October. October! Honestly. 

Ok, off to cheer myself up by going to see some zombies now, because that is how normal people spend their Saturdays. More later.  


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