Triple whammy • 15 September 2006 • The SnowBlog

Triple whammy

          So after much hand-wringing and impatient glances at the road ("Is that the van? No? Where's the van? What about that van? Is that the van? No?") not one but two books turned up from the printer. And they are LOVELY: 


You saw it here first, folks: these titles will be very big at Christmas. I tried to get the goldy foil on Sand Daughter to catch the light, but it's a lot shinier and mirror-like in the flesh, as it were. I suppose to see what it really looks like you'll have to go into stores to find out... or you can email us and the first five lucky, er, emailers will get sent a copy of either Sand Daughter or How Very Interesting ABSOLUTELY FREE. Hey, we're just crazy! 

And to make the hat trick, we've been awarded a new certificate: 


It means we send the right bibliographic data to the right people at the right time to the right place (their ftp site) at the right price (er, free). Thanks for enabling this, Anko!  

Next week: more books from the printers. It's like Christmas!  


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