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Tomorrow [updated]

I am 'on holiday', as I think the kids call it nowadays, tomorrow. Not exactly resting, but packing all my London possessions into boxes, ready to be moved to the sticks, before I get too fat or preoccupied with a baby to do this rather onerous chore. So apologies if you try to reach me, but I'll be buried under a large number of boxes filled with books and clothes that don't fit me any more. Update: tomorrow is now today. 10am: I hate packing things up. I also hate throwing things away. Although I have just thrown away a copy of Vernon God Little, which made me happy. One room down, three to go... 11am: Four to go, actually. They keep opening up before me like a horror movie house. Surviving on mini Magnums and weak tea. Lots of hard decisions: do I keep the A4 size box of artist grade charcoal? The still-in-its-box wooden blinds from Ikea, bought in 1996? The seventeen pairs of gloves I've unearthed (when I must have spent at least ten non-consecutive hours of my life searching for a single pair)? Kevin McCloud's Lighting Book? The Lexmark printer that came free with a laptop? Other choices are easier: I have so many clothes, and so little desire to wear them again. The bin bags are piling up... 12.45 Ha! Be gone, Possession. Away with you, Midnight's Children (what a joy it was to chuck that one away). Get thee to the bin bag, What Do I Do With All These Zuccini? (I think that last was a printer's sample. I hope, anyway - what possessed me to buy it, if not?) But now, here's a difficult one. What do I do with all my cassettes? For those of you born after 1990s, cassettes were a technology used to record and play music. I don't even have a tape recorder any more. But I have most of The Cure's back catalogue on cassette (as well as CD), and seminal works (Blue Lines, 3 Stone Roses tapes, My Bloody Valentine), and mix tapes! Mix tapes full of crackly, unlistenable-to-quality world music, mostly. But I want to keep them. But it's pointless. What do I doooooo? 8pm: Done. Knackered. Never again. Sleep. (The cassettes are saved! And yep, I threw Possession away - a book with the lowest expectation to enjoyment ratio I've ever known. Plus we'd been using that copy to prop open a window so it was rather sodden.)


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