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Today tomorrow

I've taken a rather circuitous route into the office this morning. Bike to office, walk to Kings Cross, tube to White City, tube back from White City, bus back to office. See, I was going to be on the Today programme but there was a collapsing bridge in Minneapolis that needed to be talked about (Anna is fine, phew). I might be on it tomorrow, talking about cover design. I wasn't going to tell the internets because it made me a bit nervous thinking people might be listening, but heck. The real question now is what will I wear *tomorrow*? I've used up my allocation of just-bohemian-enough, just-smart-enough appearing-on-the-radio wear. Of course, it would be ridiculous for a person to have selected just the right pair of radio-going pants, so underwear selection won't be a problem... I used to get up at 5.30 a lot when I had a proper job, but those days are long gone and my system is threatening to go on strike unless it gets artificial stimulants, stat. To the coffee machine! //update - it has been rescheduled for 8.20am tomorrow. Eeek. Nobody ask me about it because I'm nervous.//


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