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Today's project

Is this. I am going to collect some of the choicest (choiciest? A word only ever used to advertise pet food. I am unclear on the spelling) messages that I see on the bottom of emails that I receive today, and post them as they arrive. Sometimes they make me roll my eyes; sometimes they make me laugh. Usually they remind me never to work for a large company with Policies. I'm hardly one to talk. I have my own preposterous autosignature, which I'm sure serves only to annoy people, especially the last bit: "NFYB (Not for your blog)! This email is private. Please don't publish any part of it on the web in any form, including blogs and forums, or in printed matter, without prior consent". Annoying, yes, but it's happened to me a few times and has been infuriating. So it stays. Anyway. First up, on an email that's just arrived, this little gem: *** WARNING : This message originates from the Internet *** Agh! Noooo! The Internet! Under your desks, everyone, quiiick! More as they come... 10.12am "Please consider the environment. Do you really need to print this email?" Fair enough. But honestly - who prints emails nowadays? I have visions of senior managers sitting on the 18.30 from Waterloo, marking up with an executive fountain pens a sheaf of emails that their secretary has printed off. Final update: I'm bored of this game, now. I have the worst autosignature of anyone. That, I suppose, is comeuppance.


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