Tiny morsels of news • 3 July 2007 • The SnowBlog

Tiny morsels of news

Some bits and pieces: - I just helped put my old sofa into a van. It's on its way to the Snowbooks office. For Em to sit on while she reads. For guests to relax on. For Em's cats to snooze upon if she ever brings them into work - We recently bought both a Dymo handheld label-maker and a label printer that plugs into the computer and prints out little sticky address labels and such like. How much more organised will we feel once everything is labelled. There's been a bit of impulsive, spoof labelling going on, but hopefully that will die down soon. Publicly you might say you don't see what we're making a fuss about, but secretly you wish you had a label-maker too. - Having been a bit disappointed with the other banks we've tried, we're moving over to Coutts. So far, they've been fabulous. And because they're so posh, we've had considerable fun pretending that 'bullion' is now one of the payment methods we accept. And pretending to fill in forms that say 'tick here if you would like a copy of your bank statement to be sent to your private island'. - When I visit Anna in Minneapolis, I sometimes think it would be great to run into Neil Gaiman who lives in that part of the world. He's an interesting author who I'm sure I'd get a kick out of talking to. So I was pretty surprised when someone pointed out that I was at school with him for four years. I had no idea. I must have walked past him a thousand times, and I never thought to ask about the books he'd one day write.


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