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Three top tens

          Lists rule. Snowbooks would not exist without lists - or, at least, I would never get anything done. You can tick things off them, and use them to remember stuff, and gee yourself up by seeing how many things are on your list. They can also be used to rank things in order of preference ... and today our books appear on at least three such lists. 


1) Sue and Jane's Plotting for Beginners is number 2 on Trashionista's all time favourites of 2006. They say: 

"Brilliantly-written and heartfelt hen-lit for the over-50s, I loved this very funny book. Plotting for Beginners is a wonderfully funny novel about starting again after your children have left home, your husband is AWOL and you want to fulfill your dreams...  found this an enormously satisfying, well-written and perfectly-plotted novel with a main character who's as lovable and funny as Bridget Jones - if a tad more prone to a hot flush..."


2) Adept Ex Machina Omnibus is in this weeks top ten Small Publishers Bestseller chart. Buy now from Waterstone's! 

guardian books.jpg

3) The Romanian by Bruce Benderson was Simon Callow's top book for 2006. He says: 

"Bruce Benderson's harrowingly autobiographical The Romanian (Snowbooks) is one of the most devastating and unsparing accounts of amour fou I have ever read, providing at the same time an extraordinary glimpse into Romania's past and present."

And that is the power of lists.  


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