The Spam Age • 25 October 2007 • The SnowBlog

The Spam Age

Weird that no one's cracked down on spam yet, isn't it? Either by catching the culprits - because presumably if they remain totally anonymous they can't cash in on their spam. Or you might have expected us to change the way we use e-mail to make spamming more difficult. Spam is annoying and a fair amount of it you wouldn't want kids (or your mum) to read. But I'm not the first to spot that the way in which spam text constantly evolves to foil spam filters can occasionally result in some surreally zen-like prose. One item I got today actually was poetry. No mention of V1$$agra that I could see. And lately I've started to get a lot of German spam. And since I don't speak German it's even more pointless than most. The picture above was included in the most recent e-mail. I don't even know what that is. Apologies if it turns out to be something rude, but really, spam for things I can't identify in languages I don't speak surely has to be a side-effect of the internet that no one predicted.


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