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The Shop That Sells Everything


This is a post dedicated to our next door neighbour but one: The Shop That Sells Everything, or The Shop for short. I have been meaning to post about this for ages, but was moved to write this morning because for the last week I have been sitting in the dark once the sun goes down because the bulb has gone in my desklamp. Sure, I could switch on the overhead fluorescents, but they remind me of office jobs gone by so I'd rather be in the dark. Still, I needed to replace the bulb which is one of those stupid fancy mini ones you can only get from IKEA: 


But I should have known! The Shop That Sells Everything sells it! 

The Shop has got us through some scrapes in our time. Remembered a birthday at the last minute? The Shop That Sells Everything came up with cake, candles, a six-foot banner saying Happy Birthday and 20 balloons. Need to do an edgy cover design? Why, simply pop next door, buy a bottle of brandy and some Windolene, print out an Absinthe label from the net, and bob is your uncle. 


(Ooh, it's sitting on the Monster Island proof! Exciting!)


Same goes for the lollies for its sister publication. 


We have also bought: emergency snacks, greaseproof paper for tracing, champagne, Irn Bru, Time Out, lots of papers where we've been reviewed including niche ones like the Jewish Chronicle, mini BabyBel cheeses, hummus, biscuits, mallow-based confections, toothpaste when I forgot I had to go to the dentist, coffee, tea, needle and thread, staples, sellotape, oyster card, loveheart sweets, twine, Mr Sheen, matches and a thimble. 

The Shop That Sells Everything, we salute you. 


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