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The People's Library

Any fans of libraries out there? No? Oh yes, a couple. Good. Here's a heartwarming story (to me at least) of a nice lady/professor/librarian working at the Occupy Wall Street site picking the books out of dumpsters after the police raid the place and trying to get the library going again. She seems to think that democracy and libraries are somehow linked. I wonder if she's right. [link] And while I was still thinking about libraries I saw this quote (which is nothing to do with the story above) on Twitter: "Checked out a library book shocked the librarian didn't tell my friends, or try to sell me a coffeemaker used by others who like this book." [source]. Funnily enough, that sort of thing is the subject of a post about targeted marketing that I'm trying to get round to finishing. And finally, if you're so moved, you can send the People's Library books. Details here.


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