The good thing about bad bosses • 26 March 2008 • The SnowBlog

The good thing about bad bosses


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I have had the dubious pleasure of working for a number of awful bosses, and alongside a number of awful people, in my various roles throughout the years. Although they made my life miserable, I really do have to thank them. For it's when I've got too much to do, five or six urgent deadlines all pressing on me, and I start to feel a little bit hopeless, that I just have to think of those people, and a sort of steely resolve comes over me. I would hate to be anything like them, to the extent that if I feel myself start to whinge or feel sorry for myself, I just have to think "No! Mustn't be like X! Mustn't complain, or be self-obsessed, or be pathetic. Mustn't blame other people, or lash out, or feel sorry for myself." And without fail it puts me right back on track. I can handle anything except the thought that I might be like them. So - deadlines! Workload! Pah! I scoff at you! You are nothing to me! I am invincible! etc. And a huge set of thank yous to those people who I've asked to help me out today at such short notice - you know who you are and you've saved my skin.


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