The fall and rise of Fox TV • 6 January 2008 • The SnowBlog

The fall and rise of Fox TV

This post won't mean anything unless you're a fan of Serenity and Firefly, and you know the behind-the-scenes story. If I'm lucky, that's somewhere between zero and one reader of this blog. So, while I'm discussing predictions about the future, I want to get mine in early. As you may know, Joss Whedon is working on a new TV show called Dollhouse for Fox TV, the people who so nearly brought you the complete Firefly Season One. As I gaze deep into my TV crystal ball, I see this unlikely future unfolding. Fox will get cold feet and cancel Dollhouse partway through the airing of the pilot episode. After the second commerical break they'll screen a re-run of Fastlane instead. Over a million outraged Whedon fans will march on Hollywood and Fox TV's headquarters will be torn down, much like the scene with the ents marching on Orthanc in Lord of the Rings. But then Fox TV will rise from the ashes, when its DVD of Dollhouse stays at No. 1 in the DVD charts for 194 weeks. To celebrate they will offer Joss Whedon a chance to preside over a series they plan to resurrect especially for him. And that series will be called Fastlane 2010. Here is where you heard it first.


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